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You are welcome to register an IN account, access our web pages or use our products or services! Before you access our web pages, and experience or use our products or services, please carefully read and understand this User Agreement (the “Agreement”).

Once you check the box which indicates that you have agreed to the contents of this Agreement, and click the “Register” button, or continue to access our web pages and use our products or services, you will be deemed to have read and accepted this Agreement. This Agreement shall apply to only IN community and products/services related to it, which display or are linked to this Agreement.

1) Agreement Overview

a. The main contents contained herein include: the registration and use of IN account, Intellectual Property Rights and Privacy Protection. If you refuse to accept the contents contained herein, please do not click the “Register” button, nor access or experience or use in any other way our products or services.
b. Our products and services are mainly targeted at adults. If you are a minor, please experience or use our products and services with the consent of your parent or legal guardian.

2) Registration and Use of IN Account

a. As a registered user, you only have the right to use the account registered in your own name.
b. You warrant that the information you have provided when registering your account is accurate, truthful, legal, and valid and belongs solely to you.
c. When using your IN account, in addition to local, regional and national laws and regulations, you shall act in a way that is consistent with public morality and common decency. You shall not take any actions, or cause any actions to be taken, which infringe upon the lawful rights and interests of any third party.
d. You may not use your IN account to advertise; sell goods or services; or engage in any other commercial activities. You shall be responsible for all acts related to your IN account unless you are able to provide contrary evidence demonstrating that such acts were not carried out by you.
e. Don’t share or reveal any personal data in your posts i.e. full name, your personal email address, phone number or IMEI number in public posts. Keep your user ID safe.
f. Do not hesitate to report inappropriate content.

3) Intellectual Property Rights and Privacy Protection

a. IN reserves the right to delete relevant information based on the circumstances, and take appropriate legal action to hold you accountable.
b. We value your privacy. We will make every reasonable endeavor to protect your privacy. In the course of your use of IN account, we may collect, store, dispose, share, and use your personal information and non-personal information. Any matter related to privacy protection shall be addressed in accordance with IN Privacy Policy.