Bootloader Unlock Tutorial for IN 1 (Android 10)

Unlock Bootloader and explore new custom features on your IN 1.
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Hey, IN 1 users!

How are you? We hope you all are good and having great fun with your smartphone. We have something important to share for unlocking the bootloader on your IN 1. Finally, people who love to explore new custom features on their phones would be able to do the same on their IN 1.

Please read the disclaimer carefully before proceeding with unlocking the bootloader on your device.


1. After unlocking your phone ALL OF YOUR DATA WILL BE ERASED! Backup before you proceed.
2. Unlocking the bootloader may have unforeseeable impacts on your phone.
3. Some functions may not operate properly because of third-party firmware- like the camera, audio functionality, etc. It can damage the device too.
4. Personal and confidential information on the phone may get leaked and your privacy may get compromised.
5. Unlocking may modify some of the system functions and prevent you from updating the system version.

Pre-requisite for unlocking the bootloader

1. IN 1 - with 60%+ battery
2. 1 x USB C type Cable
3. 1 x PC / MacBook

Procedure to unlock bootloader and flashing custom image

1. Make sure you have backed up your data, unlocking your phone will erase all your data.
2. Make sure your system is updated to the latest and official software version.
3. When device is switched on, Go to Settings -> About Phone -> Build Number (Tap this 7-times to enable Developer Options)
4. Connect the USB Cable.
5. Go to Settings -> Systems -> Developer Options -> USB Debugging -> Turn this on. (Refer below image) -> It will prompt for “Allow USB debugging?” -> press “Allow” Button.

1.jpg (114.13 KiB) Viewed 10122 times

6. Turn on OEM unlocking (Go to Settings -> Systems -> Developer Options -> OEM Unlocking (Turn this on) -> It will prompt with a pop up to “Allow OEM Unlocking” -> Press Enable button (Refer image below)

2.jpg (128.85 KiB) Viewed 10122 times

7. Download and install the fast-boot tool on your PC or Mac Book (check this ... ot-binary- downloads/). After installing these tools:

- Enter the command: adb reboot Bootloader
- Press “Enter” on your keyboard
- Wait till device enters in “fast boot” mode. Fast boot mode will reflect on the screen, refer the image below.

3.jpg (58.53 KiB) Viewed 10122 times

- Enter the command: fast boot flashing unlock
- It will show one screen as shown in the image below.

4.jpg (82.89 KiB) Viewed 10122 times

- On the screen it will prompt to press “Volume-up” to unlock Bootloader, or “Volume Down” to
cancel. If you have changed your mind, press volume down else press volume up (Unlock may
void warranty).

- You will see unlock Pass screen, as shown in the image below.

5.jpg (85.55 KiB) Viewed 10122 times

- If you want to flash your custom system image, then enter fast-boot mode.
- Enter the command: fast-boot reboot fast-boot.
Wait for the phone to boot up, as shown in the image below.

6.jpg (92.2 KiB) Viewed 10122 times

- For IN 1 E6746, use Normal Android custom system image.
- Command for flashing: Fast-boot flash system <path of image where it is placed\system.img>
- Reboot device after flashing is done:
Fast-boot reboot

Kernel Code compatible with Android Q

Kernel code compatible with Android Q is available at this link --> git clone


Q1: How to re-lock the Bootloader?

If you have flashed custom system image, don’t lock the Bootloader, otherwise the device will not boot up.
If you have not used custom image, use the following commands from fast boot mode.
- Enter the command: fast boot flashing lock
- Press “Enter” on your keyboard

Q2: Are there any risks after unlocking the Bootloader?

Please be aware that Micromax can’t guarantee full functionality and will not be responsible, for any third-party unsigned custom ROM being flashed onto your device after the Bootloader is unlocked. An unsigned third-party custom ROM may not have gone through the thorough tests that we run for each device and software version that we release.
A third-party custom ROM may not work properly on your device, certain functions and services may cease to work. The performance and device data may also be affected and may damage the device permanently. In the worst case scenario, unlocking the Bootloader will cause physical injuries or material damage through explosion due to overheating of the device.

Q3: Will it affect future OTAs after unlocking?

Unlocking the Bootloader may cause for the secure user data partition to become inaccessible. Yet if you simply unlock the Bootloader (without flashing custom recoveries or rooting) you will still receive official software updates (OTAs).
But we cannot guarantee that you will still receive updates if you do operations other than simple unlocking the Bootloader (such as flashing custom recoveries, rooting, etc).
Once you re-lock the Bootloader and use the official recovery, you will receive official OTAs again.

Q4: Will it affect warranty?

Please refer to

Q5: How to re-flash the official ROM after installing a custom ROM?

Users need to go to the nearest service centre to flash the device.
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Waiting for your new smartphones and Android 11 on IN NOTE 1
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Very useful information . Thanks 🤝
💥 Rajesh Hegde 💥
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Hame android 10 Bootloader unlock nhi karna... Ye btao android 11 kab aayega...?
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मुझे वेट करते हुए 2 month हो गए ,new एंड्रॉयड 11 अपडेट का ,
अभी तक आपने नया अपडेट नहीं दिया, ना कोई एंड्रॉयड 11 कर ना कोई सिक्योरिटी पैच का ।

कितना वैट करे सर जी, और वरियेंट छोड़ कर अपने देश की कंपनी को प्राथमिकता दी है फोन के लिए। लेकिन इतना डिले ठीक नही सर जी अब ।

कृपा करके न्यू अपडेट जल्दी दे , सबर टूट ता जा रहा है अब तो, विश्वास टूटता जा रहा है माइक्रोमैक्स पर से ।
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Ab lagta hai micromax next year 2022 me he dega android 11...kyu kii uske diye hue date se 4 mahina late chal rha hai...ab next year kii he ummid hai kii agle saal bhi de de update...
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Please sir ab to btao android 11 kab ayega jab meri arthi uth jaayegi😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
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Sir please tell me android 11 kab ayega jab meri चिता जलेगी जब आयेगा अपडेट सोच रहा हूं मरने से पहले अपडेट देख लूं 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
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Aap kyu mroge bhai , ye nhi aayega abhi
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Micromax ko ab ak teaching center khol dena chahiye, kyuki inke paas services center kam hai...
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Cool brooo ,,,, bootloader unknown kroooo... Esha sikha rhe hai, jese hr kisi ke paas PC hai.. or hr koi leptop leke betha hai... Or Micromax nam india se nhi Chaina se inko mila hai..
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Micromax se ab interest khatm Ho Gaya. Kisi ko bhi suggestion nhi dege ki Micromax ko purchase kro.... Good Bye Micromax..
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Dear micromax

New block buster micromax in 1 ka new android 11 update kaha h sir ji .

4 mahine gujar gaye .

Date months declare toh kar doh aap sir ji
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Hay Micromax mobile ko Root kese kare..
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Yograj wrote: Thu Jul 22, 2021 2:09 pm Hay Micromax mobile ko Root kese kare..
Micromax will NOT help you regarding the rooting process. It will void your warranty!. Go to XDA forums for the rooting purposes.
[Rooting is risky, perform it on your own risk].
Proud owner of Micromax Knight Cameo & now, Micromax IN 1 [Blue][128GB]
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